Golf is one of the most popular sport games in the UK, played by thousands each and every day. Set in the lush green surroundings, it is seen as a quiet and peaceful pastime, although those who play it regularly can’t always escape the pain that comes with some of the common foot injuries they will pick up.

Golf Foot Injuries

Heel pain:

When swinging the ball you could experience heel pain if your rear foot is moving too much and you follow through, creating strain on the ligaments.

Treatment: Much will depend if the ligaments have been damaged. If so, it may require a cast to allow them time to heal, but in most cases ice and anti-inflammatory medicine will suffice.

Morton’s Neuroma:

Morton’s Neuroma is seen as a common golfing foot injury that comes from overuse and is felt in your non-dominant foot.

Treatment: Usually painkillers or a change to a supportive pair of footwear will be enough to help this, combined with plenty of rest.

Subungual hematoma:

If too much pressure is repeatedly put onto the big toe when swinging through, blood may develop under the nail, making it painful to walk on.

Treatment: You will need to visit a GP or foot specialist to arrange for the blood to be drained and support the toe during the healing period.


Excessive force is placed through the foot with repeated golf swings and this common injury can create an inflammation of the tendon found in the arch of the foot.

Treatment: A combination of ice, rest and elevation should be sufficient in most cases. However, if it continues to occur, seek specialist advice.


Much will depend on your golf swing, how often you play the game and your physical condition when it comes to picking up and treating foot injuries as a result of playing golf. For ongoing issues, contact our golf podiatrist specialist who will be able to offer the best treatment and advice to reduce the possibility of them reoccurring.