Podogo specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle and aspects of the lower limbs.

Foot and Ankle surgery

Podogo has a team of specialists that specialise in surgical management of foot & and ankle problems. Foot and ankle surgery is a highly specialist area requiring intricate knowledge of biomechanics and the cause of pathology.

Gait Analysis

Podogo utilises video gait analysis with specialist software designed to achieve the most accurate diagnosis of the way we walk and run.

Sports Injuries

Acute and Chronic Foot & Ankle injuries are common amongst people of all age groups and activity levels.  We specialist in accurate diagnosis of your injury with the help of our multidisciplinary podiatric team, physio and radiologists


Podogo provides specialist orthotic devices that provide structure support to improve foot posture. At Podogo you can expect the manufacture of high quality orthotics after an accurate and firm diagnosis.