We offer a range of services to assist with foot and ankle complaints, both surgical and conservative. Options will be discussed following a thorough assessment with our specialist team.

Gait analysis

Gait Analysis

Podogo utilises video gait analysis with specialist software designed to achieve the most accurate diagnosis of the way we walk and run.

Injured ankle

Foot Sports Injuries

Acute and Chronic Foot & Ankle injuries are common amongst people of all age groups and activity levels. We specialist in accurate diagnosis of your injury with the help of our multidisciplinary podiatric team, physio and radiologists

Custom Orthotics


Podogo provides specialist orthotic devices that provide structure support to improve foot posture. At Podogo you can expect the manufacture of high quality orthotics after an accurate and firm diagnosis.

Postoperative foot picture

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Podogo carries out operations with our experienced Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Mr Kaser Nazir. Whether you have a recurrent ankle complaint or persistent bunion pain, Mr Nazir will be able to assess and devise the most appropriate surgical plan.

Picture of podiatrist looking at foot


At Podogo we also offer treatments to assist with common podiatry complaints, such as verrucae, corns and ingrown toenails.

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    “I’ve suffered with hip pain and numbness for most of the last decade and had tried everything from acupuncture to sports massage. Then I visited Adnan Nazir at the London Foot Clinic and he discovered one of my legs was shorter than the other. He fitted me with an orthotic insole (which I could wear all the time – even while running half marathons!) and the problem disappeared within 6 weeks! I am now completely pain free and extremely glad I consulted Mr Nazir. It was, quite literally, a life changing decision.”

    Journalist & Editor
    I recently had my bilateral bunion surgery with Mr Kaser Nazir and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I hardly experienced any pain following the procedure, and have had a smooth recovery following Mr Nazir’s advice. The rest of staff who have looked after me at the clinic during my follow-up appointments have been brilliant too. I will definitely recommend Mr Nazir’s for any foot condition.

  • JO
    I contacted The London Foot Clinic regarding an old mid foot injury. My foot problem was complicated and possibly involves future surgery due to instability. I received very professional and thorough care from Adnan Nazir. I was offered an opportunity for second opinions on previous MRI and x-ray results which led to a much clearer diagnosis of my foot problem. I received some excellent quality custom made orthotics that have impressed both my osteopath and my foot surgeon, so I know I went to the right place! I would certainly recommend Central Foot Clinic for a podiatric assessment and treatment. I did a lot a research before I chose them and I am lucky to have found this practice.

    Having suffered from severe heel pain every morning for some time, with no signs of any improvement or help from my GP, it was The London Foot Clinic who gave me hope. With rounds of Shockwave Therapy and custom fitted orthotics, my feet have never felt better. With first class service and care the team at The London Foot Clinic are the only ones I would trust with my feet….

    From the first phone call with Anjelica who is Mr Nazir’s PA she put me completely at ease about my son’s foot. She is friendly and efficient and as a first point of contact I knew I had made the right decision in choosing Mr Nazir. My son was very nervous at the appointment with Mr Nazir but he was extremely friendly and immediately put us both at ease because I knew my son was in safe hands. Mr Nazir explained everything down to the smallest detail and he just knew how to relate to a 14 year old. It was really such a positive experience and I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Nazir.

    Mr Nazir – excellent service, really reassuring and great manner.

    Angelica obviously works extremely well with Mr Nazir. Nice team

    Mr. Stephen Thomas was excellent. Very kind. Kept my holiday on track, for sure!

    Steven Thomas was great, really nice guy and made the procedure as easy as possible.