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Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

How do we treat Morton’s neuroma:

Non-surgical Morton’s neuroma treatments:

We would aim to resolve the pain caused by Morton’s neuroma by using a combination of treatments that have an evidence base success and do not involve surgery in the first instance.

Morton’s neuroma can be treated with a combination of steroid injections and local anaesthetic; these can help reduce pain and shrink the nerve and are often recommended as first line. Specialised insoles that improve the foot position and reduce the pinching of the nerve by the bones can also help.

Morton’s neuroma surgery:

Should Morton’s neuroma surgery be required, then a neurectomy procedure involves removing the damaged Morton’s Neuroma as day case surgical procedure and can be done under local anaesthetic.

Morton’s neuroma surgery recovery:

Recovery after Morton’s neuroma surgery is relatively quick; you will usually be walking after 2-6 weeks.


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