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Toe Deformity Treatment

Toe deformities can cause significant pain and difficulty in wearing shoes comfortably. The toe deformity progresses over time until the toe becomes dislocated. Our specialists perform thousands of toe straightening procedures every year under local and general anaesthetic using the very latest techniques.

Hammer toe correction:

Toe deformities are treated as a day case foot surgery basis at our centre. The hammer toe correction procedure is the most common of the toe deformities encountered. Traditional hammer toe surgery involves using wires that will stick out of your toes for 6-8 weeks. This does not allow patients to return to normal shoes and a much longer recovery time is necessary as the wires needed removing before full activity is resumed.

At Podogo we attempt to use in bone implants with no wires sticking out of your toes where we can. The procedure can be performed safely and painlessly under local anaesthesia. The technique has improved patient experience from traditional toe surgeries that involve wires sticking out of the end of toes.

We perform hundreds of hammer toe corrections using the very latest techniques every year with quality care audits ensuring clinical outcomes and patient experiences are specifically audited.

What’s important to the patient & foot surgeon:

  • Straight and cosmetically accepted toe position
  • Minimise swelling
  • Return to smart footwear
  • Prevent recurrence of deformity
  • No wires sticking out of toes
  • Return to Life & Shoes:

Hammer toe correction surgery recovery:

Toe surgery patients spend 2 weeks wearing a post op shoe and keeping the foot dry. Once the sutures are removed, you wear a sports shoe. Patients typically return to full activity after 6-8, when x-rays show adequate bone healing, you can begin transitioning to normal activity.


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