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Hallux Rigidus Treatment

Non-surgical hallux rigidus treatment:

Whenever possible, our foot specialists will recommend a non-surgical treatment, this may include:

  • Orthotics and specialist footwear
  • Joint Lubricant and Steroid Injection
  • Manipulation Under Anaesthesia
  • Splinting and activity modification

Hallux rigidus surgery:

If surgery is needed to treat Hallux Rigidus then the surgery choice depends upon the degree of joint damage, the patients job, footwear choice and anticipated activities. These have to be taken in to account by our foot and ankle surgeons.

  • Cheilectomy: Just shaving off the extra bone spurs that are blocking movement and restricting joint movement.
  • Osteotomy: To re-align joint to improve function.
  • Joint Implant: An artificial joint with similar properties to normal joint. Not suitable for everyone
  • Joint Fusion: Eliminate all movement and pain in joint.

In a small number of cases if the chemical is not effective or this procedure is not suitable, the section of nail root can be surgically removed and closed with sutures.

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