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Wart & Verrucas

What is a wart & verruca?

A wart is an infection in the top layer of the skin caused by the HPV virus. It is a small growth that can be found on any part of the body. Warts found on the feet are called plantar warts, these are also called verrucas.

Causes of warts & verrucas:

Warts and verrucas are caused by a virus which can be spread to other people through contaminated surfaces or direct skin contact.

Symptoms of warts & verrucas:

Warts and verrucas do not usually cause any symptoms, however they can become painful especially if they are on the soles of your feet or near your nail beds. They are a small bumpy growth often with tiny black dots.

Diagnosing a wart & verruca:

The diagnosis of a verruca is usually obvious on physical examination.

Prevention of warts & verrucas:

Warts and verrucas can be prevented by not walking bare foot in public places, not sharing towels, socks or shoes and not picking your wart or verruca to stop it from spreading.


In a small number of cases if the chemical is not effective or this procedure is not suitable, the section of nail root can be surgically removed and closed with sutures.

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