Athletes Foot

What is Athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is the common name given for tinea pedis, which means a fungal infection of the skin on your feet.

Athletes foot symptoms

The most common symptoms are dry scaly patterns on the feet. Most people think this is just dry skin, which can often be the case, but the scaly dryness is usually the giveaway. In addition to this, you can develop itchy red bumps that can also form very small blisters (pustules). The most common area to find Athlete’s foot is in the webbing of the 5th toes.

Causes of Athlete’s foot

It would have to transfer to your foot somehow. So this would most likely be from being barefoot in a gym, changing room, or sharing shoes with someone with Athlete’s foot.

When to seek Athletes foot treatment

If you notice dry scaly patterns on your feet that gradually reappear despite using moisturiser, or if you have red or itchy areas on your feet.

Athlete’s foot treatments

If you have Athlete’s foot you will want to treat the skin, your socks, and shoes. The skin can be treated with antifungal cream daily, and the shoes and socks with antifungal spray after each use.

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