Foot and Ankle Surgery

Podogo has a team of foot and ankle specialists that specialise in the surgical management of foot & and ankle problems. Foot and ankle surgery is a highly specialist area requiring intricate knowledge of biomechanics and the cause of pathology.

At Podogo, we aim to provide you with the latest evidence based foot and ankle surgical techniques allowing predictable surgical outcomes and reduced complication rates.

We treat all common foot deformities including bunions, hammer toes, forefoot deformities as well as flat feet and tendon or ligament problems affecting the feet and ankles.

Rehabilitation is the mainstay of successful foot and ankle surgical outcomes. At Podogo, we have been working to ensure that we work closely with our patient’s post operatively ensuring that they have a bespoke post-operative rehabilitation program to ensure a successful post op journey and outcome.

We specialise in the following foot and ankle surgical procedures: – (All procedures are clickable to the designated page)